Blackened Death Metal Webzine

An experimeTal compilation webzine for Underground Black metal, Death Metal and all things between. publications are FREE and include one FREE track from each album reviewed, spread the word!!!







Almost all Zines seem to have a rule of making bands and there public wait eons for a review or publications, FUCK THAT! Any interviews/reviews will be done at the moment an album is recieved ect, then immediately posted to our blog in lue of our compilation/zine release; Where it will be immortalized FOREVER! This is because we want to be known as the 1st to unleash the low down on the tuned down, got it?!

We need albums to review and also permition to release one free song for our compilation Zine submitions must be no older than 1 year (from release date) pre release reviews are especialy welcome :)

Send us your news! We're about to add a news feed which will display your band photo and a sentence or two about you're latest or next great achivement!

Interviews; Just ask, If theres more to you're music and message than just the sound that you want to share then this is the way to do just drop us a message.

Old News; Were going to do a page in the compizine for old albums that have been overlooked no free tracks with these just a short review or perhape a quick artical on the band/project itself which will be stored forever in a special archive on the sight.

Sorry if this implicates money as we are NONE profit, but we need interviewers, reviewers, and show goers to write for us. This is not without its perks! So get in touch.